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Center of Iberian Shoulder D.O.P. boneless approx 2.5 kg
  - The Iberian pig is an autochthonous breed of the Iberian Peninsula, clearly differentiated from the white pig by its physiological characteristics.
- It is a rustic animal, with a singular metabolism capable of infiltrating the fat from its diet into its muscle tissue, which gives its meat a characteristic marbling as well as a guaranteed texture and juiciness.
- Our efforts dedicated to the improvement, care and selection of optimal food, allow the fat of our animals to have a high level of oleic acid, thus achieving a healthier* and higher quality product. - (*) Oleic acid helps reduce LDL or bad cholesterol in the blood and increases cardioprotective cholesterol levels.
  - Our Ibérico is characterized by the special care in feeding and raising our animals, together with our permanent commitment to innovation, applying the latest scientific knowledge to offer an exceptional product.
  - Boneless Shoulders are vacuum packed for better conservation.
  - Block-type presentation format that allows a constant slice size throughout the piece and identical from one piece to another, the length of the block varies depending on the weight of the piece.
- The Iberian Shoulder is characterized by having a firm and compact consistency, it has very appreciable veining, intense color and, after slicing, a very pleasant texture, great juiciness and characteristic flavor derived from the traditional curing system.
  - This is the piece from the forelimbs of the Iberian Pig, subjected to a transformation process similar to that carried out with the pieces of Iberian Ham, for less time due to its size.


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