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- JOSELITO Grand Reserve Shoulder
- Sliced ​​shoulder:
   -Three (3) sachets of 70 gr vacuum packed
  - Five (5) sachets of 70 gr vacuum packed
  - Ten (10) sachets of 70 gr vacuum packed
  - TWENTY (20) sachets of 70 gr vacuum packed

 - All our envelope presentations are packaged in a double security bag and include a certificate of original:

"JOSELITO is a unique, perfect ham.
A constant inspiration for all of us who love gastronomy" Ferràn Adrià (Best World Chef)

- DECLARED THE BEST HAM IN THE WORLD. Joselito is a gastronomic jewel, more than a brand, a legend. - 100% Natural Joselito Shoulder / No Preservatives or Colorants / Does not contain Gluten or Lactose

 - Forelimb from adult pigs, made with the corresponding process of salting and curing-natural maturation
 - INGREDIENTS Shoulder and sea salt.
 - Minimum CURING more than 24 months.
 - CHARACTERISTICS Fine leg, fat with a soft and unctuous consistency, with shades that range from golden to pinkish. The meat has numerous infiltrations of shiny marbled fat. The hue of the flesh ranges from deep purplish red to pale pink.

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