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Aged Hispanic-style rum made by Zacapa in Guatemala

Zacapa was distinguished for five consecutive years as the best rum in the world in the International Rum Tasting Contest and is the only premium rum included in the Rum Hall of Fame. In January 2012, the Zacapa brand was recognized by the World Luxury Association as one of the hundred most valued and influential brands in the luxury market worldwide.

He has five prizes in the International Rum Contest; inducted into the Rum Hall of Fame. Perfect balance between sweetness and spices, dried fruit, sweet oak and dark chocolate with picotas. You'll enjoy complex flavors of sweet fruit and chocolate when consumed neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail. Zacapa rum is aged at high altitude in different barrels that previously contained whiskey and sherry. Zacapa is the most exquisite rum to share before or after a meal with friends.

1º OPTION: Zacapa Ron centenario 70cl 23 YEARS


Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 years is mahogany color, dark amber. On the nose sweet aromas of honey, American wood. Notes of fruits, spices, chocolate, almonds and vanilla. On the palate it is dense and complex, with a slightly sweet taste. Notes of wood, spices, raisins and figs. The finish is long, soft and persistent, elegant.
Zacapa 23 is a super-premium rum made from a blend of rums aged between 6 and 23 years.
Instead of molasses, in the production of Zacapa the so-called "virgin honey" is used, obtained from the first pressing of the sugar cane and is subjected to an exclusive aging process called the Solera System, being stored in a series of barrels used previously to age American whiskeys and Sherry and Pedro Ximénez wines.

The secret of Zacapa is its slow aging in the privacy of the cold lands of the Guatemalan highlands (at an altitude of 2,300 m). This helps to slow down the aging process, creating a final balance between the aromas and flavors extracted during the process.
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2º OPTION: Rum Zacapa Centenario XO Solera Gran Reserva Especial

Its exceptional nobility is achieved thanks to an aging of up to 25 years at 2,300 meters of altitude. The result is a magnificent balance between complex aromas and flavors that makes it be considered by many 'the Cognac of rums'.
View: dark mahogany color with almost immovable tears. Nose: A wide range of raisins and woods, honeyed and spicy notes, vanilla, almond, chocolate and toasted touches.

Palate: enormous depth, flavor of toasted nuts, vanilla, almonds and well-balanced spices. Memorable, majestic finish, with hints of vanilla, spices, fruit and wood.
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3º OPTION: Rum Zacapa Royal Solera Gran Reserva Especial

Zacapa Royal is a Special Reserve Solera Rum, with unique characteristics coming from the Oak wood of Le Bois du Roy.

Dark amber color with crimson tones

Nose: Elegant, warm, very complex and balanced. Features vanilla, chocolate, dried fruit, wood, nutmeg, caramelized banana, pineapple and toasted almonds

Palate: Round and elegant with clear notes of citrus and caramel, exceptionally smooth.
Gastronomy (pairing): Enjoy with an ounce of dark chocolate.
A surprising novelty in the rum category: a liquor distilled to its maximum purity, resulting in a silky and sophisticated flavor that exudes clear notes of citrus and caramel.
This precious rum finishes its production process, aged in French oak barrels. These barrels are made exclusively from the wood of oak trees originating from four French forests, which were once owned by royalty and are known as Le Bois du Roy (Forest of Kings). In 1820 the King of France ruled that the use of this oak required his personal permission. Since then, only a small number of these barrels have been produced and are reserved for the best vintages.
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