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Are you looking for a vase with an original, irreverent and ironic shape? .
Here you have the CARABELA vase from MARNAULA.
The decoration of the rooms, terraces and balconies is usually done with plants and flowers.
For apartment plants, choosing a designer vase is essential to create a green angle consistent with the furniture in the room. The CARABELA vase has been created thanks to the creativity of the Studio Job designers for MARNAULA.
It is a vase that is part of the CARABELA line, whose protagonist is a skull, ironic, irreverent and somewhat folkloric, which is available in different colors and dimensions, to combine with vases, lamps, chairs and coffee tables. different types. The CARABELA vase is ideal for housing plants of different types and genres and to be successfully positioned indoors and on terraces, gardens and balconies.
Made of polyethylene, this vase is available in different colors, to choose according to your taste or with bright colors to stand out in the destination room. It can be finished in ivory, in black, in different shades of green or in terracotta. The color can be selected according to the type of plant and also the flowers. The different colors are capable of making the tattoos that characterize the skull stand out even more: the CARABELA vase
 It does not have a smooth surface, but is characterized by a series of drawings that, as well as the tattoos, enrich this vase with great meaning. From plant branches to hearts, from wheels to axes, from brooches to different types of fruit, you can have fun discovering the meaning of many objects that enrich the surface of this furnishing element. Its medium to large dimensions make it the ideal element to decorate a room and, especially if it is displayed in the foreground, on a piece of furniture, on a table or on the floor, in the central and highly visible position, it will undoubtedly get all the admiration it deserves.


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