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Founded by Helen Cumming in 1811 as an illicit distillery and licensed in 1824, Cardhu is the first distillery to be officially promoted by a woman. Two women, in fact: in 1872, Elizabeth Cummings, daughter-in-law of the founders, took over the operation of the distillery and dedicated herself to refining the flavor and character of the whiskey we know today: an effortlessly elegant and generous distillate, born of hard work and determination.



Cardhu's origins date back to 1811 when John Cummings and his wife Helen took over the lease of the Cardhu farm. Like many of their farming neighbors, the Cummings took to illicit distilling, with Helen Cumming cleverly taunting the policemen by inviting them to her home, disguising the ferment as baked food, then sneaking off to alert her fellow distillers. waving a red flag.


By 1823, state tax laws for distilling eased, and John Cummings obtained a distillery license, marking the official founding of Cardhu in 1824. In the years that followed, Cardhu became a family business, with all his sons playing An important paper.


Already in the second generation, it was Elizabeth Cummings who resolved to keep the business running after the death of her husband, Cummings' eldest son, in 1872.


In 1893, Elizabeth sold the business to John Walker & Sons with the only condition that the family still run the distillery. Before her death, Elizabeth built cottages with running water for the distillery's employees, ensuring that Cardhu remained at the heart of the community and keeping her mother-in-law's legacy alive.


Cardhu is now one of the world's leading single malt Scotch whiskeys, distilled in one of the first legal distilleries on Speyside.


The brand's most recognized expression is Cardhu 12 Year Old, with its rich, smooth, honeyed fruity flavors and slightly spicy flavor. Other variants are available for different styles and tastes.




The Cardhu 12 Years is honey-gold on top. Flavour: soft aromas of pear, heather and resin, accompanied by notes of honey and dried fruit. Taste: Medium bodied, balanced, silky and fresh. dry aftertaste with persistent notes of sweet smoke.


Honey flavor

Alcohol content 40 Percent by volume

Alcohol Type Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

Weight 1.2 Kilograms

Package Weight 1.63 Kilograms

Liquid volume 700 Milliliters


About this product

• The quintessential Cardhu, a single malt Scotch whiskey with an intense and delicious flavor

• Gold winner at The Scotch Whiskey Masters 2014

• Sourced from one of Speyside's oldest distilleries, this whiskey is aged for 12 years to release the fruity notes

• A sweet, clean, fresh malt whiskey with hints of oak

• To be enjoyed neat or with ice

• Alcohol content: 40%




Cardhu Gold Reserve, Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 700ml


Cinnamon Flavor, Toffee

Alcohol content 40 Percent by volume

Type of alcohol Single distillery

Weight 1.4 Kilograms

Package Weight 1.4 Kilograms

Liquid volume 0.7 Liters


About this product

• Single malt whiskey from Speyside, Scotland, from the Cardhu range with an intense flavor and a balance between sweet fruit, dark chocolate, toffee and spices

• In 1811, Helen Cumming founded Cardhu, a distillery run by a woman. Her daughter-in-law, Elizabeth, was known as the 'Queen of Whisky' for her skills as a merchant

• Master Blender Matthew Crow has carefully selected the casks to create a sweet, rich and smooth single malt whisky.

• Slightly dry, with an oak flavor that evokes the aroma of biscuit and a touch of cinnamon, as well as notes of toffee and apple.

• Serve in a balloon glass, alone or with a little water; when served with ice Cardhu Gold Reserve also reveals unknown fruity flavors

• Alcohol content: 40%





• A self-assured extra-ripe Speyside single malt from the Cardhu family.

• Best Speyside single malt whiskey in 2016 at the World Whiskey Awards. The exquisite complexity of this malt makes it a wonderful gift for any connoisseur.

• Fruity notes of toffee and chocolate with an intense, sweet and aromatic finish.

• A tablespoon of water is best to release the delicate flavors.

• A superbly aged 18 year old Speyside single malt whisky.


Alcohol content ‎40 Percent by volume

Barrel aging time ‎18 years

Description of the body ‎Whisky


Country of origin ‎Scotland

Volume of liquids ‎0.7 Liters

Number of products ‎1

Production region ‎Speyside

Preparation recommendations ‎Serve at room temperature.

Special features ‎Gluten free

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